Here's a PowerPoint template used in the Skyscan demo featured in this blog post, Here’s How You Can Save Your Training Job in this Economy.  You can see the template in action here.

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Carol Thomas

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Posted 1273 days ago

Impressive training! Thanks for the template.

Denise Haas

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Posted 1273 days ago

Its a wonderful example for keeping the message simple.

Posted 1273 days ago

Hi Tom,

Of these three, this one really rocks. Simple yet powerful and effective. I just love it.

Thanks a bunch!

Angela Forde

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Posted 1273 days ago

Hey Tom

This is great, I am fairly new to Articulate and was wondering if you could sheed any light on how you achieved the effect on the "How does the Skyscam Work" slide. Look forward to your pearls of wisdom.


Jeff Furumura

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Posted 1272 days ago

Mahalo for being so generous with your skill and knowledge, Tom.  I've learned so much from your examples.

Jane .

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Posted 1271 days ago

Hi Tom, this is great- I'm like Angela above, and am still working my way through all the functions offered by Articulate. Can you let me know how the 'Can you help this customer?' slide with the images which get larger when you click on them, and the answers in drop down boxes was put together? I have tried a number of things but nothing looks this clean and precise....thanks again.

Kathy Archie

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Posted 1266 days ago

Thanks Tom, These templates are wonderful, now how do I recreate it/use it?

Zifang Su

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Posted 1266 days ago

Thanks for the template!

Alex Westin

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Posted 1259 days ago

This is a great template, thank you.  I have been trying to replicate the effect of images as navigation, but cannot seem to get it to work.  I have added an action to a shape and place it over an image and I have added the action to the image itself.  It works in PPT but not when I preview in Articulate or publish.  Are there any instructions on recreating this effect?

Tony Willis

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Posted 1021 days ago

This is really cool stuff. I will now try to use this approach in my next e-learning course. Thanks a lot!

Rena Sun

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Posted 1016 days ago

This is a good study tool, can help work professionally.

Cecilia Blanco

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Posted 246 days ago

Increíble muchas gracias