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Here's a simple set of office-themed background graphics.

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Patti Bryant

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Posted 871 days ago

This is AWESOME! I am always looking for background!

Paige Winn

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Posted 871 days ago

Nice! Thanks David.

Dave Newgass

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Posted 871 days ago

Thanks David!  Always nice to get a treat from Articulate......



Posted 871 days ago

Thank you again David!

Posted 871 days ago

Splendid, thanks!

Samarpan Dutta

12 posts

Posted 870 days ago

Thanks, David! This is cool!

Posted 869 days ago

This is nice, a corkboard template would be helpful with this :) hint hint...

Posted 867 days ago

Nice job ... Thanks

Zifang Su

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Posted 849 days ago

Thank you!

Iam Dwayne

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Posted 846 days ago

Great background.. thanks for your efforts!

Florence B

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Posted 832 days ago

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for these backgrounds. I am currently working on an e-learning that takes place in a hospital room.

Can I use it for my course? Thank you for everything...Articulate is the best...

Happy New Year!


David Anderson

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Posted 832 days ago

Hi Florence - you're welcome to use the graphics in any course or project you build. If you find you need something more specific, give us a shout and we'll see what we can come up with.

Florence B

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Posted 832 days ago

Thanks David...You are a really big help to me.

I am actually creating an e-learning website for nurses to learn english, so any background that will look like a hospital or a  hospital room would be just brilliant for me. I am only an english teacher so I don't have much knowledge to create all this. Thanks to articulate, I hope to release a fun and entertaining website.

Thank you so much.


Posted 822 days ago

Too cool for words!  Thanks. :)

Donna Carter

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Posted 777 days ago

Thanks so much for sharing this.  Don't know how I missed it earlier.

DOC sr.

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Posted 754 days ago

For backgrounds, an excellent source is

they have so many - especially if you are looking for cartoon world stlyes

Posted 751 days ago

Thanks for sharing.  Good to have in the resource pool.

Posted 749 days ago

This is great!!! has anyone seen a version for rooms in a house? and/or with a bar background?

Posted 737 days ago

Thanks so much!

Kat Valdez

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Posted 722 days ago

Thanks, David! I used the background on an elearning course I created.

Posted 680 days ago

Thanks so much!

Monica Hsieh

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Posted 662 days ago

Cool and useful~~  Thanks a lot!

Jesse Racké

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Posted 645 days ago

Very cool, thnx!

Carla Ollero

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Posted 622 days ago

These are so useful. Thank you!

Posted 401 days ago

terima kasih = Thanks you