Knowledge Check Template: Prometheus


Use Engage Labeled Graphics to build a quick, interactive knowledge check.  You can learn more details from this blog post on Articulate's Word of Mouth blog.  The zip file contains the source file and template to create your own knowledge check.




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Deepak Deopa

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Posted 1223 days ago

According to ur template we can have more than 2 images in one engage...... is it true ...if yes please tell me the interaction name....................

Posted 837 days ago

Can't download this file. Getting an error message saying 'this page cannot be displayed'

Brady Cole

10 posts

Posted 830 days ago

Same as Chandrani. Is this file no longer available?

Posted 775 days ago

Just checking on chandrani and Brady's posts about this file being available?

Linda Norn

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Posted 749 days ago

I can't download the file either.

Posted 749 days ago

i can't download this?

Thejesh B

2 posts

Posted 746 days ago

even i cant download this   :-(

Marcos Ota

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Posted 711 days ago

I can't download. Anyone knows how to get it? Please!

Peter Wong

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Posted 630 days ago

Still not available for download...

Posted 608 days ago

File not found.  Either fix it or remove it.

Acaiz Studio

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Posted 602 days ago


Posted 586 days ago

I agree with Michael, if there is no resolution then please remove it. Thanks...

Posted 586 days ago

The creator has this template on the demo page. The zip contains the label as a png and the psd file for Photoshop, located here -

This link is to the Background part of the grahic -

It appears taht you will have to do some Photoshop work to get the hands in. It's not what we expected but it can be made form these packages. I'll give it a shot.

Anna Powless

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Posted 576 days ago

Grrrr....  Is someone reading this from staff?

Posted 575 days ago


I have messaged David before and received a quick response. Give that a try.

David Anderson

3,267 posts

Posted 574 days ago

Hi gang - everything should be okay now. The link broke when we updated our WOM blog... Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted 307 days ago

THIS IS FANTASTIC !!! THANKS A LOT !!! خیلی مهیج هست !!! ممنونم