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Publishing Your First Presentation

In this example I'll show you just how easy it is to publish an existing PowerPoint file to the Web.


If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter_02 > Publish.pptx.



  1. Begin by going to Articulate > Publish
  2. By default, the Web tab will be selected.
  3. Leave Publish Location set to the default location.
    • NOTE: You can set the Publish Location anywhere you like as long as it's on your local hard drive. Never publish to external drive or a network drive or you could experience problems with your published course.
  4. Type a name for your Published title. This is the name that appears in the browser window for your course.
  5. Leave Player templateLogo and Presenter set to their defaults for now. We'll look at those in the next lesson.
  6. Click Publish.

Your PowerPoint file has been converted to a web-friendly, Flash course that you can distribute from a web site, intranet or learning management system.


View your published course

Click he View Presentation to open the course.

Some quick observations:

Let's take a quick moment to review what Presenter did with our PowerPoint file.

  • Presenter created an outline menu using Heading text in our presentation.
  • Each slide in our PowerPoint presentation was converted to a menu item.
  • We have player controls where we can move forward, backward and pause the course.
  • Each slide plays for three seconds before auto-advancing to the next slide.
  • We have two Articulate logos in the course
  • PowerPoint's notes are viewable in Presenter's Notes panel

So that was easy, right? If all you needed was to take an existing PowerPoint and convert to a web-based course, it's about as easy as clicking a button.


What's Next?

In the next lesson, we'll look at some common ways you can modify and customize your newly published course





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9 comments so far

Posted 1341 days ago

I'm surprised the first step is to publish. When I was playing around, I added all the engaged items, quizzes and recordings first, then published. Is this always best rule of thumb: publish first, add everything else later?

Posted 1338 days ago

Hi Anne,

This first tutorial just goes through the basics of how to take a straight PowerPoint and publish it. No changes were made to the PowerPoint to add engagement. I guess you could take this as a quick start guide for publishing your first presentation. David goes into the interactivity more in the tutorials that follow.

I always add my quizzes and engage items before I publish for the first time as you suggest. You can do whatever is most comfortable for you.


Posted 1338 days ago

Hi Anne,

Leah's right about how this series is structured.

The tutorial series is based on Tom's "Rapid Elearning Story" The idea is that there are elearning designers with different needs: 1) quickly publish a PPT file and get it online; 2) design a custom look and feel for a course; and, 3) build more interactivity

One reason we began with Publishing was to show you how easy it is to get a project online. From there, we look at small steps new users can take to quickly enhance their courses.

But your question is appreciated because it helps us understand how we might better frame this tutorial series.

Posted 1307 days ago

Mi programa de Power Point no tiene las pestañas que dicen:

1.  Add-Ins ????????

2.  Articulate??

Posted 1307 days ago

I believe you had to have installed something for the Add-ins tab to appear. Someone in my office with no add-ins does not have that tab.  I have Adobe Acrobat and OmniPage 16 and it put those in a Add-Ins tab.  And, once I installed Articulate, that added a new tab.  So, I'm thinking if you don't have any installed add-ins, you will not have those tabs.

Posted 1298 days ago

I don't have the articulate button to publish. where will I get that from?


Posted 1298 days ago

Hi Chris - It's possible the ribbon was disabled (via PowerPoint, not you).

Can you see if this article helps you re-enable it:



Posted 1298 days ago

Thanks David,

It appears that I have the 64 bit Powerpoint and so won't be able to use this function. Shame!

Posted 1298 days ago

Hi Chris - that's right, the 32-bit Office is the one to install. Even Microsoft recommends 32-bit on both 32- and 64-bit machines.

Do you have the option to re-install your OS?