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The character packs in Storyline provide all sorts of great options for adding life to your course. You can choose from illustrated or photographic character packs, each of which contain both male and female characters in a variety of different hairstyles, clothing, poses, and expressions.

Storyline comes with a several illustrated characters and one photographic character. You can purchase more characters in the Articulate Store.

Here's how to add a character to your course:


  1. From any slide or slide master, click the Insert tab and choose Character.
  2. Choose the character pack you'd like to use: Illustrated or Photographic.
  3. When the character window appears, use the buttons at the top and the lower-right of the window to customize your character. As you make your selections, the character preview in the right-hand side of this window changes to reflect your choices.
  4. Click Insert to add your character to the current slide. 

Once the character is inserted, you can manipulate or modify it just like you would any other image. You can move it, resize it, crop it, animate it, or apply any other image effects that you like. You can also add States to your character to show different expressions or poses, and use triggers to control when those different States appear.


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