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Welcome to the Articulate Storyline tutorials! Storyline is a powerful standalone tool with unparalleled interactivity features that will help you build dynamic, engaging content—including simulations, screen recordings, drag-and-drop interactions, click-and-reveal activities, quizzes and assessments, and much more.


If you're new to Storyline, we recommend beginning with the section of tutorials called Getting Started with Articulate Storyline.


For a deeper dive into a specific feature or topic, check out the other Articulate Storyline tutorials in the sidebar at your right. They're organized into sections, and you can click the plus sign next to any section to expand the list.


If you’ve got questions that aren’t answered here in the tutorials, no worries — you can always tap into the superpowers of the Articulate community by asking your question in the Forums. You’ll find thousands of other Articulate users and staff there who can help you out.


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