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  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Title: Corporate Solutions Manager
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    Garry has extensive experience managing Learning and Multimedia based projects ensuring delivery of client-focused solutions. With over twenty years experience in the information technology and education sectors, coupled with a real passion for Learning regardless of the modality. Garry's expertise includes strong people and project management skills, excellent technical knowledge and implementation focus. Garry’s interpersonal and communication skill set focuses on ensuring alignment with business strategies, maintaining seamless and ongoing communication between stakeholders during the development phase, and guaranteeing solutions are effectively implemented. Garry has published numerous articles in National Multimedia/CAD magazines and has acknowledgments in two international publications as a technical writer on the topic of 3D Animation. Most recently, Garry has served as a Judge on the Brandon Hall Global eLearning Awards 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010 "If you have the opportunity to work with Garry in any capacity, I recommend that you do. He is that "unstoppable force" you've heard so much about . . . Nancy Fulton..3D MAX, AutoCAD Author. November 24, 2008" Likes: Articulate, 3D, PDF, MAX, RealFlow
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Hi Garry,

Nice hearing from someone in the "neighbourhood". Funny your bio/interests sound very similar to mine. 


Inspired by Tron the movie, I originally started with Computer Graphics and 3D Animation, then moved into Multimedia followed by Web development. During this time I developed my technical, creative, user experience development, business, people and management skills.


I love "connecting the dot's", combining/integrating exiting technologies to provide practical solutions.


In 2001/2002 I started on a RFID/NFC based mobile phone payment solution, I even got to patent registration, stage one in UK, unfortunately I didn't have the funds or the team to pursue this further... funny to see nearly 10 years later Google and Apple doing something very similar.


Currently working at GSIT as an eLearning Manager.


I always keep my eyes on interesting technologies like Augmented Reality, QR Codes, NFC, Mind reading technologies, consumer Head Up Displays, eye movement tracking, "tagging" and many others.


My next big "personal" project is to develop the truly next generation Human Computer Interface that includes service integration. The current icon/windows approach is fine if a bit tired looking, but with a slight shift in thinking and creative integration, things can be a lot more useful and easier to use... lots of dots to connect.


Again nice to "meet" you. 


Kind regards,




1008 days ago by Paul Trainer