One of the greatest things about E-Learning Heroes is that our members share their creative examples and helpful downloads with the rest of the community. In fact, there’s so much inspiring content posted in our weekly challenges and examples hub, it can be hard to keep up! 

That’s why we rounded up the most popular Storyline 360 examples and downloads of 2022 for you here, in case you missed them. Keep reading to check them out:

1. Accessible Drag-and-Drop Chat Interaction

Download this template by Sarah Hodge to quickly build an interactive chat scenario that works for every learner.

2. Safety Equipment Drag-and-Drop

Need a creative way to introduce on-site protection gear? Take inspiration from this construction-themed download by Samuel Apata.

3. Interactive Guide With Parallax Effect

Learn how to use motion and interactive elements to create an engaging learning experience in this creative download built by Sarah Hodge.

4. Printable Goal-Setting Journal Template 

Invite learners to reflect on and set their own personal goals by downloading this template by Jodi M. Sansone.

5. Accessible Color Themes

Ensure your course designs are clear for all learners with the help of the high-contrast palettes in this template by Bianca Woods.

6. Question and Answer Interaction

Practice responding to commonly asked prompts with this Q&A template by Sarah Hodge.

7. Course Player Navigation Help Template

Make it easy for learners to access help when they need it with this free download by Allison LaMotte.

8. Monster Math Multiplication Game

Download this mathematics example by Sarah Hodge to see how using random number variables can make learning more dynamic.

9. Job Interview Branched Scenario

Help learners ace answering challenging questions in this interactive practice discussion by Bianca Woods.

10. Course Certificate Template

Grab this free download by Sarah Hodge and add it to your project in just a few clicks to give learners a printable proof of completion.


We hope these downloads will save you time on your next project! And if you’re looking for more helpful content from 2022, don’t miss the articles below:

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