10 Things to Love About Storyline 2

Articulate Storyline 2 is the e-learning authoring software you’ve been looking for. It’s the go-to tool for e-learning developers who want to create rich, interactive e-learning—quickly and easily. Here’s why:  

  1. It’s the industry’s best tool. Experts and users agree: Storyline’s the #1 e-learning tool out there. See all the rave reviews we’ve been racking up on Capterra and Trustpilot. And check out all the awards it’s won.
  2. You can grab learners’ attention like never before. Storyline’s motion paths, built-in animations, and more make it easy to create captivating interactions and design cool effects.
  3. Bring your imagination to life. With tools such as triggers, web objects, and variables, you can create personalized, rich experiences for learners.
  4. Reach more learners, no matter the device. Storyline 2 courses look great on iPads and Android tablets.
  5. Slide into interactivity. Use the built-in slider interaction to let learners explore information in unexpected ways.
  6. Get more done. Boost your productivity with timesavers including dockable panels, the animation painter, and more.
  7. Build gorgeous courses fast. Kickstart your productivity with seven interactive templates that are exclusively available with Storyline 2.
  8. Get all the tools you need. When you buy Storyline 2, you also get Articulate Replay, which makes it easy to record personalized screencasts, as well as the Volume 1 Character Pack, with photographic characters in thousands of poses.
  9. Storyline 2 speaks your language. Work in English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish—whatever speaks to you.
  10. Access endless inspiration. You already know E-Learning Heroes is the biggest and best e-learning community around. Keep coming back for tons of Storyline 2 how-tos, examples, and downloads.

Hopefully we’ve talked you into giving Storyline 2 a try. Get a free 30-day trial to see what you can do when you’ve got the industry’s best authoring software in your toolkit.

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