20 Fun-Filled Freebies to Kickstart Your Fall

For the past four weeks, we served up free course assets every day. That’s a lot of stuff coming your way! To make sure you didn’t miss any goodies, we rounded everything up for you here.

Scroll through this article from start to finish to view all the freebies, or click on the links below to skip straight to the ones you’re most interested in.

 Captivating Character Illustrations

1. Customizable Character Set

These hand-drawn cutout illustrations are the perfect way to add a little whimsy to your e-learning courses.

Image of a set of customizable characters Download

2. Customizable Set of Diverse Avatars

Your learners are diverse—the characters in your courses should be too! Grab this handy set of avatars and customize them to better reflect your audience.
 Image of diverse avatars


3. Hand-drawn Character Set

Going for an authentic, hand-drawn aesthetic? These characters are just what you need!

Image of a set of hand drawn charactersDownload

4. Colorful Illustrated Character Graphics

Give your next project a sophisticated edge with these colorful, modern character graphics.

Image of colorful character illustrationsDownload

5. Flat Design Characters

Need some illustrated characters in a variety of poses? We’ve got you covered! This set of flat design people is just what you need.

Image of flat design characters


 Eye-Catching Animations

1. Work-from-Home .GIF-like Animations

Download this template to see for yourself how easy it is to create .GIF-like animations in Storyline 360 using illustrations and icons from Content Library 360. 

Work From Home Gifs


2. Animated Charts & Graphs

Looking for a dynamic way to present data? These animated graphs and charts are just the trick! And because they’re built directly in Storyline 360 using color themes, they’re super easy to customize to fit your needs. 

Image of animated charts and graphs


3. Rise 360 Animated Cover Images

Make sure your Rise 360 course stands out from the pack with these eye-catching animated .GIFs. 

Image of Rise Cover Photo Gifs


4. Office-Themed Rise 360 Cover Photo .GIFs

Bring your content to life by adding any of these animated .GIFs as a cover photo for your Rise 360 projects.


5. Onboarding-Themed Animations

This short animation is the perfect way to explain to newbies how people communicate in your company.

Image of onboarding animations


Clickable Buttons

1. Minimalist Button Set

These gorgeous buttons are ready to be inserted into your next project as navigation buttons or clickable icons—just edit the button text and you’re good to go!

Image of a minimalist button set


2. Drop Shadow Button UI Set

Create a consistent look and feel in your next e-learning project with this delightful button set. 

Image of drop shadow UI buttons


3. Circular Buttons

These sleek, modern buttons are perfect for almost any project. Download and customize them in just a few clicks!

Image of circular button set


4. Simple Animated Button Set

With this set, choose from two different versions of the same beautiful button set: outlined or filled. Then, change the color to fit your brand and voilà!

Image of simple animated button set Download 

5. Animated Buttons

Grab this download and choose from a wide variety of animations for the Hover state of your buttons.

 Image of blue animated buttons

 Game-Changing Game Templates

1. Customizable Spin-the-Wheel Game

Take this fun and flexible Storyline template for a spin! It’s easily customized and perfect for kickstarting a serious game ... or a seriously fun game night. 

Customizable Spin-the-wheel game template


2. Jeopardy-Inspired Game Show Template

Create a fun-filled e-learning quiz with this Storyline 360 game show template. Easily replace placeholder text to quickly gamify your content.  

Jeopardy Inspired Game Show Template


3. Codenames-Inspired Learning Game

Test your learner’s knowledge of industry vocabulary with this unique gamified quiz. Image of a Codenames inspired game template


4. Escape Room Quiz

This PowerPoint freebie uses an escape room–inspired story with a click-and-reveal office hunt (courtesy of hyperlinks) to create a fun, game-like experience for learners. Image of an escape room-themed quiz


5. Positive Self-Talk Game

This beautifully designed template puts a creative spin on the classic Mad Libs game.

Self Talk Mad Libs game template



We hope these freebies will save you some time and help you create Storyline 360 and Rise 360 courses that will truly wow your learners. Not an Articulate 360 subscriber? Sign up for a free 30-day trial right here

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