3 of the Coolest Features of Presenter

As designers, we always want as much control as possible over the look and feel of training content so we can meet each project’s specific needs.

The slide properties feature in Presenter ’13 offers you amazing ways to customize your projects. This panel lets you adjust many aspects of individual slides—including navigation and player features—in one easy-to-understand window. In this post, I’ll take a look at three of the coolest features of the slide properties panel.

Lock the Player

Have you ever wanted to ensure that your learners see all the content on a slide before they are able to click the Next button? This is a pretty common request in e-learning, and with the slide properties panel, it’s easier than ever to accommodate.

When you lock the slides, learners can’t advance by clicking the controls or the titles in the menu. To enable them to move past the locked slide, you’ll need to provide a link to another slide or set the Advance property to “Automatically.”

Add a Click to Advance

By default, the slides in Presenter ’13 advance when the learner completes them. This is something you can change quite easily if you want the slide to advance only when your user clicks the Next button.

Under the slide properties panel, change the “Advance” option to “By User.” That’s all it takes!

Add Branched Navigation

Building nonlinear courses in Presenter ’13 is easy because it allows you to branch to any slides in your course.

By default, the Prev and Next buttons in the player will jump to the previous and the next slide, but you can easily customize this with a few clicks in Presenter ’13. Go to the slide where your branching will start, then click the Prev slide or Next slide links and select a different destination slide. This gives you tons of flexibility for creating more engaging scenarios and courses.

These are just three of the awesome features of the slide properties panel in Presenter ’13 that will help you take your e-learning courses to a whole new level. 

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Andrew Elder