3 simple steps to layering video in Quizmaker

One of my favorite features of Articulate Quizmaker (and Storyline too) is the ability to layer objects on top of video. This capability allows you to create some really great effects, such as placing video behind an object with an alpha channel (if you’re not familiar with the term “alpha channel”, simply think of it as “transparency”.  So an image with an alpha channel would have a section where you can “see through” the image thereby allowing you to see something placed behind the image). 

The process for this technique is super simple:

Step 1: Import your video into Quizmaker and place it where you want it to appear on your screen.

Image showing video placed on the canvas

Step 2: Import an object with an alpha channel into Quizmaker.

Image showing a picture with alpha transparency being placed on the canvas.

Step 3: Place the alpha object over the top of your video and size accordingly.

Image showing the picture with alpha transparency placed over the top of the video

In this Screenr, I’ll walk you through the process. It’s such a great technique and creates some wonderfully creative possibilities! 

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