If you’re like me, you’re always trying to streamline your course design process. Clients want courses delivered faster. SMEs don’t have much time to review. Pretty much everyone these days is in a time crunch. And it falls on you, as the course creator, to accommodate everyone else’s schedules. 

One thing that can be hard to manage when you’re in a rush is version control. What version of the course did you most recently share with the client … and did you hide your boss’s feedback before you shared it?

That’s why I’m so excited for the recent updates in Review 360. Now my review cycles and version control are even easier to manage! Let’s take a closer look at how Review 360 keeps lightening your workload.

1. Manage Project Versions

Now you can easily show or hide different versions of courses or videos you upload to Review 360. For example, maybe you don’t want your client to see how much feedback you got from the Subject Matter Expert (SME). No problem—just hide the version with the comments! 

To view a different course version, select the Current Version dropdown and click the one you want to view. To hide a version of your course, use the Current Version dropdown and select the eye icon on the right. 

To unhide that version, just click once again on the eye icon.

2. Fix Accidental Publishes by Restoring a Previous Version

One of my favorite time-savers when building multiple courses for the same client is to start from a copy of a finished course and update the content, rather than starting from scratch. It works great! Until you accidentally publish the new course as an updated version of the old course. Oops! If that’s ever happened to you before, you’re going to love this new feature.

Now, all you have to do is select the version you want to restore and select the Restore This Version button.

3. Manually Upload Videos and Published Courses to Review 360

E-learning pros often get pulled into training video production projects, among other things. Now it’s easier than ever to get stakeholder feedback on those video projects with the help of Review 360. We’ve added the ability to manually upload videos, as well as manage multiple versions of your videos.  

Have you ever needed to make a last-minute edit to a published Storyline 360 course only to find publishing blocked by a firewall? If this sounds familiar, you’re in luck! Now you can upload published Storyline 360 courses manually, from your desktop, making these issues a thing of the past. 

To upload a new video or course package manually, just click the Upload a File button and select the file(s) to upload!


And if you need to manually upload a new version of an existing video or Storyline 360 course, simply click the three dots on the right of your course’s cover screen. Then select Upload New Version.


These new Review 360 features make it even easier to share your e-learning projects with stakeholders while maintaining control over what you share with them. 

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