4 + 2 = 6 Storyline Calculator Downloads

Thanks to the slick tools in Articulate Storyline, it’s easy to create interactions that let learners dive right into the learning experience. Some of the coolest interactive examples we’ve seen lately have engaged learners by showing them equations and calculations in action.

Adding calculators to your project is also a great way to give learners personalized info. For example, what if you’d like to include BMI info in a health and wellness course? No problem! Ask learners to input some simple info and you can give them personalized feedback about their BMI.

With Storyline variables, you can easily build complex equations right into your project—and we’ve got some great examples and downloads right here to help you try out these techniques. And if you’re experimenting with JavaScript, don’t miss these great examples of what’s possible! Take a look at these six freebies: 

  • Go old school with a classic example by Dave Mozealous. It’s the first fully-functional calculator created in Storyline, and shows you that the sky’s the limit with variables!
  • Give learners a personalized experience with this BMI Calculator by David Lindenberg.
  • Try David Charney’s robust calculator, which lets learners perform math and calculations right in your project.  
  • Watch how Preston Ruddell’s equation calculator uses Storyline to perform a specified equation on numbers input by the learner.
  • Check out three ways to calculate square roots in Storyline in this dynamic example by Alphonso Hendricks.
  • Need to turn back time? Steve Gannon’s sophisticated project uses JavaScript to calculate dates in the past.

 Are you interested in building a calculator in your next Storyline project? Mike Enders has a couple of great how-to articles that can help you:


And when you’re done, be sure to share your project in the forums!

Dan Graham