Header Image - 4 Funtastic Ideas for Making Your E-Learning More Playful

One problem with telling learners every piece of training content they need to take is “super-serious” and “extremely important” is that those exaggerations can start to lose significance after a while. This can lead to learners simply tuning out just when you need to reach them most. And who can blame them? Life is hard enough without every training topic being delivered like the driest college-level lecture ever with a pop quiz to follow.

When it comes to grabbing people’s attention, you can’t beat a little levity and some fun interactivity. By adding a surprising twist here and an inviting interaction there—or just sprinkling in a few game-inspired elements—you’ll find you can keep learners engaged with your training content (and maybe even make it a little fun for them!)

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for making your e-learning more playful, we’ve got four downloads and examples you don’t want to miss. These inspiring projects show what’s possible in terms of adding playful elements into your visual and instructional designs. We think you’ll find them all totally funtastic!

  • Quizzes aren’t exactly known for being barrels of laughs, but this spooky Halloween Quiz example from Emma Williams proves they don’t have to be deadly serious. Created with Storyline 360, Emma’s project combines animations, scoring, and creepy zombie sound effects to really get your pulse racing. It proves that gamifying your quiz with zombies is a total no-brainer.
  • A simple tabs interaction is great for chunking related information, and this snazzy PowerPoint download from Trina Rimmer gives tabs a fun, gamified twist. With a colorful board game–inspired look, this flexible template can be used as an interactive way to present information or as the perfect menu for an entire game-inspired course.  
  • Who doesn’t get excited about the idea of unearthing buried treasure? That’s the secret to the universal appeal of this easy-to-customize PowerPoint download from Allison LaMotte. With a whimsical treasure map motif, you can easily use this click-and-reveal as the foundation for an entire course that your learners will really dig. 
  • Trying to sneak some fun e-learning past your super-serious SMEs? Steal a few ideas from this Storyline 360 desktop-themed example from Andrzej Jabłoński. It makes onboarding training feel a little more fun just by using whimsical line art visuals and a drag-and-drop menu. We especially love how Andrzej created an interactive crossword puzzle for exploring company values. So clever!

Love having loads of free design inspiration at your fingertips? E-Learning Heroes is the place for that—and so much more! While you’re here, swing by our E-Learning Examples and Downloads to explore even more brilliant ideas shared by the community. 

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