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Language is an important part of what we do every day. So helping your learners pick up new vocabulary and use it fluently can be critical to their success. But, as many of us may remember from school, staring at a sheet of new terms and their definitions isn’t the most effective way to make that information stick. Interactive games get learners engaged and motivated so they pick up the vocabulary without even thinking about it.

These four word games show you what’s possible in your own courses. Download a couple, see how they work, and let them inspire your own e-learning projects!

  1. Learners can select letters to help them guess a word in this download by Karlis Sprogis.
  2. Nicole Legault brings the classic crossword puzzle to e-learning in this handy download.
  3. Get learners thinking on their feet with this grammar game download by Ridvan Saglam.
  4. Adriana Bertolani makes another classic game virtual with her word search download.

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