hero illustration of a character looking at a wall of framed images displaying different types of navigation styles

Learners tend to absorb more information when they’re active participants in your course. But if you’re new to e-learning or just working on a dry project, the idea of making your courses more interactive may seem challenging. One way to make your project more fun is to rethink the basics. Swapping out your "Next" button for more engaging navigation can help make even the dullest subject more appealing.

Here are 5 examples from the E-Learning Heroes community of memorable navigation:

  • David Anderson gets learners applying new information right away with innovative NEXTCHA navigation. (Psst! It’s available as a download.)
  • Tracy Carroll uses a horizontal slider to let learners reveal content a little at a time.
  • Rini Soel takes the slider approach and flips it around to position it vertically.
  • Brandon Lynn lets learners interact with realistic objects to flip through a series of notes.
  • Linda Lorenzetti presents a series of tips that learners must practice to reveal new course content.

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