hero illustration of a character sitting on top of a giant monitor fishing for navigation buttons

Navigation may seem like just a detail when you compare it to a complex interaction or exciting animation. That’s because good navigation is seamless: it fades into the background as learners go through your course without any trouble.

But great navigation takes things to an entirely different level. And just a little extra effort can help it stand out in a good way by contributing to the overall theme and design of the course. Here are five examples of course navigation to inspire your next project. Take a look!

  • Ian Monk gives learners the freedom to take the course in any order they choose and earn badges along the way in this example.
  • Aman Vohra may have invented an entirely new type of navigation with his drag-and-drop-down menu.
  • James Finder shows how to dress up an animated navigation bar with jewel tones for a professional look.
  • Nick Russel’s branching submenus provide an extra level of organization in this modern-looking example.
  • The creative circular menu in this example by Monica Speer uses icons rather than words to spark learners’ curiosity.

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