5 Fresh Examples to Show You What’s Possible with Rise

Rise 360, the web-based app for creating responsive e-learning that’s part of Articulate 360, makes it easy to create gorgeous e-learning quickly and easily. And folks find they can fill most of their training needs with Rise 360, from creating performance support content to generating full-on compliance training.

We’ve rounded up some examples that highlight some different types of content you can create with Rise 360 to give you inspiration:

  • Guide learners through content with a step-by-step approach like this example by Nicole Legault. And use knowledge checks to encourage them to reflect on what they’re learning.
  • Create compliance training in a snap with Rise 360. You can use the continue block to manage learners’ progress and ensure they’ve viewed all the content in your course. See how in this compliance course demo by Trina Rimmer.
  • Get ideas for walking learners through a process step by step in this activity by Taylor Tomanio.
  • See how you can create a comprehensive guide with this instructional design how-to by CDLI Carlow. It walks learners through in-depth ID concepts and uses multimedia and knowledge checks to keep learners engaged.
  • Try this great example of quick reference content, also by Taylor Tomanio, that can help learners get acquainted with new topics efficiently.

Hopefully these diverse examples will help spark your thinking about how you can put Rise 360 to work.

If you’re interested in trying out Rise 360 but don’t have access to Articulate 360, sign up for a free, 30-day trial. And then check out these Getting Started with Rise 360 tutorials to learn more.

Colleen McKay Wharton