5 Exciting New Storyline 2 Examples

Community members share so much good stuff in the E-Learning Heroes! We’re astonished by the creative approaches we see in the examples and downloads folks share every day. And this week’s batch of demos is chock-full of games, tours, and quizzes that stretch beyond a typical approach:

  • Try not to laugh out loud when you take a crack at this gamified pre-training challenge by Matt Aldred.
  • See how you can make online training an exciting journey in this Jurassic Park–themed virtual tour by Jordan Ash.
  • Test this safety game by Abhinav Patil, which showcases a great approach to adding interest and engagement to typical safety training content.
  • Check out a neat approach to showing content in context. This interactive video quiz by Montse Anderson lets learners answer questions in the midst of the action in a real-life video.
  • Test your luck with this realistic roulette example by Kartik Tyagi. It shows just how far you can take Storyline 2!

See even more inspiring, creative, and motivating e-learning examples in the examples hub. And if you’d like us to showcase your own work, just share it in an E-Learning Challenge or in the discussion forums! We’re always on the lookout for eye-opening new work.