5 Glassmorphism Examples You Won’t Be Able to Stop Looking At
Glassmorphism is a popular design trend that gives the impression of frosted glass. This effect is created by layering gradient or blurred backgrounds with semi-transparent shapes and panels. E-learning designers can use the glassmorphism effect to bring depth to their slide designs. It can also help in creating projects that are modern, trendy, and eye-catching. Check out these five examples created by the skillful members of the E-Learning Heroes community for some super-chill implementations.

Take a look!

We hope you enjoyed seeing this trendy design effect in action. If you’re feeling inspired to create your own glassmorphism project, we’d love to see it! Join the E-Learning Challenge and share your work. And you’ll definitely want to stop by the Building Better Courses forum to connect, learn, and grow your e-learning development skills. Enjoy!

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