hero illustration of a character holding a steaming brand having just pressed it against the front of an oversized folder which now bears the PowerPoint logo

When it comes to PowerPoint freebies such as slide templates, characters, and graphics, the E-Learning Heroes community has you covered. No matter your creative vision, there’s likely a shared download out there that can jump-start your build-out. And not working from a blank slide can help speed up your development time!

We’ve collected several of our favorite PowerPoint downloads from the E-Learning Heroes community. Check ’em out!

  1. Add your content to this ultraviolet-colored slide template by Ashi Tandon and finish fast.
  2. Use these colorful retro icons by Ivonne Fisher in your music-themed courses.
  3. Include this illustrated character by Ashi Tandon in courses that need a young guide.
  4. Set the scene in your course with this modern sunrise illustration by Kartik Tyagi.
  5. Grab attention with this realistic breaking news slide template by Joanna Kurpiewska.

This is only a sample of all the fun freebies in the E-Learning Heroes community. Visit the PowerPoint templates hub for more. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter and come back to E-Learning Heroes regularly for more downloads and helpful advice on everything related to e-learning. If you have any questions, please share them in the comments.

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