5 Things We Love About the New Storyline 360

We created Articulate Storyline to make it easy for anyone to create engaging, interactive courses. Articulate Storyline 360 takes that notion to the next level and makes your job as a course creator even easier. Let’s explore a few of our favorite features that will transform the way you create e-learning.

1. Create Courses That Work on Multiple Devices Without Any Extra Work

If you’re like a lot of course creators today, you need to build courses that work on multiple devices. Your learners are mobile--and we get that! We also know that just because your courses have to work on multiple devices doesn’t mean you have more time to create them.

For the first time ever, you can create richly interactive multi-device learning without any hassle. Unlike other authoring tools that make you tweak your course for every possible device your learners may use, Storyline 360 does all the work for you. You simply build your course as you normally would and Storyline 360’s responsive player does the rest.

You can even see how your course will behave on different devices right in the preview window. Just click through the different device and orientation icons to see how your course will automatically adjust for any device. 

Once you’ve published your course, you’ll notice the new responsive mobile course player automatically scales to fill any screen your learner uses, giving your learner the best possible experience for your slide-based e-learning courses. And there's no app required—it just works in their device's browser. On smaller devices, such smartphones and tablets, the player shrinks without rearranging the content, preserving your slides and keeping the course content center stage.

Watch this video by Articulate CTO Arlyn Asch to see the responsive preview and player in action.

Since the new responsive mobile course player does all the heavy-lifting for you, you can focus on the important stuff—the course content! 

2. Build Courses Faster Than Ever

Short on ideas? Need to get your project done yesterday? Thanks to the new Content Library that integrates with Storyline 360, you can create professional-looking courses faster than ever in Storyline. The days of starting with a blank slide or spending endless hours scouring the internet for templates are over. With Content Library, you have an ever-expanding library of professionally designed, customizable slide templates and photographic and illustrated characters right at your fingertips. Select a template, insert your content, and you’re good to go—all without leaving Storyline 360! You can hit the ground running and have a gorgeous, professional-looking course in no time.

3. Collaborate With Your Stakeholders Like Never Before

Review cycles are one of the biggest pain-points in the e-learning course development process. The more Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) involved, the more difficult it can be.

Storyline 360 dramatically simplifies and speeds the review process by integrating with our new tool, Articulate Review. Articulate Review offers a solution to your review cycle challenges because it allows stakeholders to view your courses and provide feedback in one place. Say goodbye to confusing, out-of-context feedback, and version control nightmares. Your reviewers can add their comments right next to the slide they’re reviewing, making it faster and easier for everyone involved to understand. 

4. Take Interactivity to the Next Level

It’s always been easy to create interactive and engaging courses in Storyline. And thanks to the new features in Storyline 360, your learners can explore your content in a whole new way. Take the new interactive dials, for example. These pre-built interactive objects allow learners to manipulate data and explore cause-and-effect relationships like never before. For example, you could create a simulation where learners must choose the correct baking temperature on the dial. As they turn it, they see how the cake would turn out if they chose that temperature.

And with all the new triggers we’ve added, incorporating more interactivity to your courses is easier than ever. You can even trigger an action when one object collides with another. For example, you could jump to a different slide when two characters cross paths. These powerful features and many more make your job as a course creator so much easier—not to mention tons more fun!

5. Get Continuous Access to New Features

At Articulate, we’re always working on improving our products. We also know that for a course creator, waiting for new features to come out can seem like an eternity. With Storyline 360, you can access the new features as they become available—at no extra cost. No more waiting around for the next version or working with an outdated version until you can convince your boss to upgrade. With Storyline 360, you’ll always be up to date.

In short, what we love about Storyline 360 is that it gives you everything you need for creating beautiful, engaging, interactive courses. And we hope you’ll love it too.