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They say a picture’s worth a thousand words…which would be a lot of text for a single slide. You could break up your content into multiple slides—but that interrupts the learning flow. Or, you could make your slide size larger, but that limits the devices learners can use to access your content. So how do you get your content to fit without making your slide feel overfull?

Luckily, there’s a practical solution: zoom and magnify options. You can use these techniques to look more closely at an image on a single slide—no extra navigation or slide resizing necessary.

When you work with Articulate Storyline, Articulate Engage, or Articulate Quizmaker, you have the advantage of pre-built zoom features. And that’s only the beginning of the creative potential for this technique!

Here, we’ve selected 6 examples of particularly creative zooming:

  • Montse Anderson uses the zoom technique brilliantly to display a classic Seurat painting at different distances in her example.
  • In this example, Melissa Milloway models how you could use the magnify feature in an assessment.
  • If you haven’t had your daily caffeine fix, check out this example from Phil Mayor for more information on what’s in your favorite beverages.
  • When you have big, bold images, you want to make sure learners get the full impact. Ashi Tandon demonstrates one way to do that in this example.
  • Make no bones about it. This is a great example from David Charney.
  • David Lindenberg shows how the magnify feature is just as useful for text as it is for images in his example.

If you’re itching to do more zooming and magnifying, this E-Learning Challenge has even more wonderful examples from the E-Learning Heroes community. Take a look around, and add your own example if you’d like.


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