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Accordion interactions are simple to use and stunningly versatile. Like their popular sibling, the tabs interaction, designers use the accordion interaction to chunk out long content. You can fit l-o-o-o-ng text blocks comfortably onto a single slide, or reveal pieces of a process progressively for your learners. While the basic design is pretty straightforward, there’s lots of room for creative flourish.

Here are nine accordion interaction templates that, like the instrument, will make your learners do a happy dance!

  1. Play it clean and simple in this template by David Fair, which demonstrates how the accordion interaction can be used to lay out a process. Download for Storyline or PowerPoint.
  2. Use large images to create a mood with this template by Josh Stoner.
  3. Present information in cool, calming blue tones with this accordion interaction by Montse Anderson.
  4. Check out David Tait’s fresh take on the classic accordion interaction in this template.
  5. Take your course to the next level with this polished interaction by Brandon Lynn.
  6. Snag a two-fer in Veronica Budnikas’s template: she’s laid out her interaction both vertically and horizontally.
  7. Appreciate the less-is-more approach to course design with this minimalist accordion interaction by Matthew Guyan.
  8. Organize your content with a casual and clean design using Ashi Tandon’s template.

Check out the examples hub for even more engaging ways to organize information on your slides. The E-Learning Heroes community has an abundance of creative ideas for your next project.

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