Quizmaker ‘09 allows you to add all sorts of question types to suit your quizzing needs. Here we’ll cover five important steps for adding questions to your quiz or survey.

Step 1: Choose Your Question Type

Decide whether your question should be a graded question or a survey question. A graded question has a correct and incorrect answer, and users are scored based on their response. A survey question, on the other hand, has no right or wrong answer, so it isn't scored at all.

If you're creating a survey, you can only add survey questions (not graded questions). If you're creating a quiz, it can include both graded and survey questions if you want.

  1. Select either Graded Question or Survey Question from the Quizmaker menu.
  2. Next, decide what type of question you want to add. Your options will be different, depending on whether you're adding a graded question or survey question. Click any choice in the left side of the window, and the screen will show an example and description. Click OK to choose the question type.

Step 2: Enter the Question and Answer Text

When the Form View of your question editor appears, you can enter the question and answer text. If your question is graded, you'll need to also indicate which answer's correct.

Here's a true/false example—your screen will look a little different if you're working with a different question type:

Step 3: Customize Your Feedback

Do you want your users to see a feedback pop-up like the one below after they answer your question? If so, enter your feedback text in the Set Feedback And Branching area of the question editor. (Or, if you don't want any pop-up to appear, you can choose None in the Feedback dropdown on the toolbar.)

If you do opt for feedback, you'll also need to make sure your quiz player template allows users to submit answers for one question at a time (rather than all questions at once). You can find out more about that, along with additional tips on setting up question feedback, here.

Step 4: Decide on Scoring

You can skip this step for survey questions, since they aren't scored. But if you're working with a graded question, you'll need to consider how many points to assign to your users' responses. Click in the Points column and enter a value for each response. For some question types, you can also use the Score dropdown on the toolbar to change to Score By Answer, which allows you to assign different point values to different answer choices. You can find tips and more info on question scoring here.

Step 5: Get Creative by Using Slide View

So far, we've been working in Form View to set up the basics of your question. Now that that's done, if you want, you can switch to Slide View and give your question a facelift. Just click the Slide View button and get creative!

Slide View features a toolbar you can use to transform the look of your question. Add images, audio, video, backgrounds, rearrange slide elements, add and customize your text—the possibilities are endless! Just a few adjustments here can make a dramatic difference. Below is an example of what a published quiz question would look like before and after only 60 seconds of tweaking in Slide View. To find out more, check out the tutorials on customizing your quiz questions and content, by browsing the list in the sidebar to your right.

When You're Finished

Once you're finished creating your question, you can preview what it'll look like to your users by clicking Preview. Or you can click Save & Close to go back to your quiz or survey and add more questions.

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