Presenter ‘09 offers a powerful feature called branching that really opens up a lot of flexibility in the way you design your course. When you apply branching, you adjust your slide properties in Presenter to change which slide your learners see when they click the back or forward buttons on their player controls.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and choose Slide Properties from the Articulate menu.
  2. Click in the Branching column on any slide for which you want to change the branching behavior.
  3. When the Branching popup appears, use the dropdowns to choose your branched destination. The top one lets you pick where users go if they click forward from the current slide, and the bottom one lets you pick where they go if they click the back button on the player controls.
  4. Click OK.

That's it! Once you publish, the new branching behavior will take effect.