One way we can soften the transitions between slides is by adding subtle animations to key elements in our quiz. Not only will this lend visual pacing to our quiz, it will help emphasize the on-screen changes between question and feedback slides.

You can always view the Final version and download the source files if you're following along.

STEP 1: Animating the host

  1. Double-click the question slide to edit the slide and then click Slide View
  2. Select Host_Question and go to Animations > Entrance Animations > Fly In
  3. Set Enter From to Left and leave Speed at Medium
  4. Click Preview to view the animation

STEP 2: Animating the choice text and boxes

  1. Shift-click all three text and choice boxes
  2. Go to Animations > Entrance Animations > Fade In and set Speed set to slow.
  3. Click Preview to view the animations

Note: We're only animating the choices on the question slide. Because the text doesn't change in the feedback slide, there's no reason to re-animate the choices.

STEP 3: Removing the slide transitions

By default, Quizmaker sets a fade in transition between slides. I really like the effect and use it for a lot of projects. But in this quiz, we have specific elements we're animating so we don't need the extra fading.

To remove the slide transitions:

  1. Go to Animations > Transitions to This Slide and click the first icon, No Transition
  2. Click Save & Close to return to the Question List
  3. Click Preview if you want to see how things look

Note: Slide transitions are enabled by default. We just removed it from the question slide and will also need to remove it from the feedback slide.

What's next?

In the next lesson, we'll apply similar animation effects to our feedback slide.