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We’ve added new features to Articulate 360 that give you more flexibility, control, and options in our award-winning authoring apps, Storyline 360 and Rise.

Rise is perfect for most projects because it makes it easy to create courses quickly and the output is stunning. And Storyline 360 is great for building courses with custom interactivity. New features in this release offer more integration between these two apps, so you get the best of both worlds.

Here’s a sample of all the new goodness:

  • Publish to video in Storyline 360: You asked for it—and we’re happy to deliver! Now you can publish your Storyline 360 project as a single MP4 file.
  • Require completion of a Storyline block in Rise: Make sure learners complete a Storyline block before moving on in your Rise courses.
  • Block templates in Rise: Save existing blocks with text and media as templates you can reuse later to build courses faster.
  • Shared block templates in Rise: Articulate 360 Teams users can share the block templates they create in Rise with the rest of their team.

For an overview of these new features, check out the full list on our What’s New page.

And if you’re not already an Articulate 360 subscriber, you can start a free, 30-day trial for instant access to these new features. There’s no credit card required.

Kenneth King
Steve Flowers

Hi Kenneth - This is more a SCORM challenge than a Storyline challenge. You can still track the submitted items and could capture the pre-test score if you get creative with interactions. By this, I mean, creating a question in your post test for "Pre-test score" and passing the score of the pre-test into the field. You can hide questions from view and auto submit the screen so it's transparent to the user. This could then be pulled in a report from your LMS if it's supported by your LMS. You'll want to publish to SCORM 2004 if using this option. SCORM itself is only able to capture a single completion status, single score by the specification. Using the new Course completion trigger or some javascript magic you could send the completion for the pre-test if they scored above a c... Expand

Arek Luczyk
Nicole Legault
Nicole Legault
Tom Kuhlmann
Jenny Merritt
Nicole Legault
Nicole Legault
Nicole Legault