Announcing Articulate 360

We’re so excited to announce Articulate 360, our new offering that simplifies every aspect of e-learning development.

Articulate 360 is an annual subscription that includes everything you need for course development. You’ll get continually updated versions of the tools you know and love, Storyline and Studio: Storyline 360 and Studio 360. Both apps feature our new responsive player that makes it effortless to create e-learning for every device. You’ll also get a brand-new, inherently responsive authoring tool called Rise.

And we’re not done yet! Your subscription to Articulate 360 also includes:

  • Content Library: an ever-expanding asset library with thousands of templates and characters
  • Articulate Review: a new app that helps you collaborate with stakeholders and collect feedback in one place
  • Preso, Peek, and Replay 360: apps for creating training videos on iPads, Macs, and Windows devices
  • Articulate Live: live online training with e-learning experts like Tom Kuhlmann

One of the coolest things about Articulate 360 is that you’ll always have the latest version of all Articulate authoring apps, with one simple subscription. We think you’re going to love it!

Ready to dive in? Get a free, 30-day trial right now.

Jorgen Borg

I purchased Storyline 2 with a full PMP securing the three next upcoming major releases of Storyline to be included, hence Storyline 3, 4 & 5 as a future proof perpetual software with the last release 2020-ish (at the earliest I guess). Or so I thought. Now you have change it to an unwanted subscription model as the only alternative and want to be payed again annually?! I feel ripped off! This is now an enterprise software. I am not a company or an organization - I currently use and payed for this as a personal license for hobby and as an investment for a possible future professional opportunity. With that background - how is this good and make sense for me? How will you solve and transition prior terms and agreements in an acceptable way for me and other PMP members? Don't you have... Expand

Zach Ogilvie
Dave Previdi

Ugh...I was hoping for better news. I work for a financial services company with stringent guidelines around the software which can be used by its team members. All software must be packaged, tested and certified to ensure compliance with these guidelines. Certain features must be disabled, such as automatic updates. (If we wish to install an update, that update must be packaged, tested and certified as well.) Additionally, we couldn't use features/apps which would allow us to publish to an external cloud environment outside of our corporate intranet. To do so, would risk violating company policy or worse. The licensing model is a pain too...subscription-pricing is what has been driving us away from Articulate's chief competitor. Every year it seems our finance department has to re... Expand

Veronica Budnikas
Bret Jorgensen
Dave Previdi
Pedro Fernandez
Veronica Budnikas
David C
Crystal Horn
christiaan botha
Crystal Horn
Darren Wall
Aaron Timmer
Justin Grenier
Ari Avivi