Announcing Articulate 360

We’re so excited to announce Articulate 360, our new offering that simplifies every aspect of e-learning development.

Articulate 360 is an annual subscription that includes everything you need for course development. You’ll get continually updated versions of the tools you know and love, Storyline and Studio: Storyline 360 and Studio 360. Both apps feature our new responsive player that makes it effortless to create e-learning for every device. You’ll also get a brand-new, inherently responsive authoring tool called Rise.

And we’re not done yet! Your subscription to Articulate 360 also includes:

  • Content Library: an ever-expanding asset library with thousands of templates and characters
  • Articulate Review: a new app that helps you collaborate with stakeholders and collect feedback in one place
  • Preso, Peek, and Replay 360: apps for creating training videos on iPads, Macs, and Windows devices
  • Articulate Live: live online training with e-learning experts like Tom Kuhlmann

One of the coolest things about Articulate 360 is that you’ll always have the latest version of all Articulate authoring apps, with one simple subscription. We think you’re going to love it!

Ready to dive in? Get a free, 60-day trial right now.

Sol Moh

Storyline 360 has good improvements in responsibility and interactivity tools and animations but downside is that resources need subscription. And some facilities could be add to it as having timer control its very important to have timers in interactive courses and games and make decisions based on time. I send a feature request for timer and capability of assign a background music to the entire project not only slides.Assign a free cloud storage space to users of storyline was another mine feature request, but now its need subscription. Next feature request was Direct math equation type in storyline. Having states for grouped object is another feature request. Possibility of cloning objects in preview or published projects. But still in my opinion storyline is the best course devel... Expand

Bola Owoade

These tools are all great but Articulate has now bundled a couple of different products into a subscription, which means if I want to create responsive elearning I have to use Rise and not Articulate 360. I would have preferred if I could use just one product and I was expecting that the next version of Articulate would enable it to develop pure HTML5 courses that are responsive to different devices. It seems this is not the case they have simply included some extra products. Also i feel the subscription model makes the software much more expensive. This is a challenge with almost every authoring tool where you can's get a subsription that you could easily afford as a solo designer. Adobe Acaptivate which i have never used before are difference in this sense as they have monthly subscripti... Expand

Buel Newman

Looks like the typical Articulate M.O. at work here. Something our product doesn't do that it definitely should do that all our competitors' products do? Submit a feature request! We'll ignore it for a couple years then finally release it, often behind competing products... for the next iteration of the product so you'll need to pay us more money to get it. Oh and now instead of $1200 every 3 years, you can pay $999 every year. Twist that knife. But hey, at least you get access to a web-based app that does what SL2 should have done by now already. And since it's a subscription-based service, surely that means they'll actually put meaningful updates into the programs regularly, yeah? Like actually adding features instead of just passing them off until the next version of the standalo... Expand

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Elisha. I wanted to let you know that you initially need to be connected to the internet to start using Articulate 360 desktop tools, but you can use them offline for a period of time. For example with Storyline 360: Initially, you must be online to sign into the Articulate 360 desktop app, which allows you to install and use Storyline 360. Thereafter, you can use Storyline offline up to 99 days at a time (or 30 days for free trials). If you're offline longer than 99 consecutive days, Storyline will stop working. To re-enable it, simply connect to the internet and sign into Articulate 360. As long as you're online, you can use Storyline without interruption. If you go offline (for example, when you're traveling), the 99-day clock begins, allowing you to use it offline... Expand

Jeff Salus
Ashley Terwilliger
Jeff Salus
Ashley Terwilliger
Ashley Terwilliger
Jeff Salus
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeff, We've shared in a few other discussions and earlier in this article that there will be a continued perpetual presence. I can't say for certain what comes after 2017, and if I could I'd be doing much more with that skill than predicting our software cycles. :) Support is also alive and well - and we're accessible 24/7 using the link here: You can also reach out for support in the E-Learning Heroes community and not only is that monitored by staff, but we've got a plethora of really helpful users and experts who weigh in there as well. We'll continue to support our current perpetual versions and what's to come in addition to Articulate 360 and you can read up on our Support policy here: Platinum... Expand

Richard Chasin

I have to agree with some of the other comments regarding the cost, especially for solo developers and contractors who pay for this product out-of-pocket. And using only one product in this suite of tools (Storyline) makes subscribing unrealistic. Would be nice if there was an option for this improved version of SL as a standalone. Reminds me why I had to go with the Adobe Cloud subscription in order to use their latest updated builds; at least I use many of their products to make it feel worthwhile. Also feeling like the whole question of a MAC version had been ruled out by Articulate, which is unfortunate. Those of us who have invested hugely in that platform must pay for Parallels or similar software as well as a license for WIN and then for SL. Big investment for the struggling small b... Expand

Cindy Whitcome
Cindy Turner
Mark Welcome
Buel Newman
Justin Grenier