The Articulate Guru Contest is the e-learning community’s opportunity to show off its creativity and the power and flexibility of Articulate software. This year’s crop of Guru submissions was fantastic—full of creative, innovative e-learning that will inspire other creators.

We picked a handful of winners that highlight the cool things you can do with Articulate software to capture learners’ attention and make learning fun. The winning examples are full of new ideas, stunning design, and engaging interactions.

This year we’ll also be sharing a series of guest posts from award winners, with their strategies and tips for creating awesome stuff. And of course we’ll be posting all these great examples in our examples hub.

And now that good stuff (drumroll please!): this year's winners.

Articulate Guru Gold Winner
 Articulate Guru Gold Winner

Enter the Ninja, by Phil Mayor

You too can learn the skills of the ninja in this engaging journey created by Phil Mayor. This super-cool course uses sliders, drag-and-drops, tons of motion paths, markers, and more to create an immersive experience for learners. You’ll feel tempted to explore your environment to find more info, engage with neat interactions, and play fun games. You can also earn badges and see how far you’ve come with neat progress meters. This course truly models the way of the e-learning ninja.

How to Be a Ninja 

Articulate Guru Silver Winner
 Articulate Guru Silver Winner

Audiometry Refresher Training, by Richard Edwards

This sophisticated, detailed course takes you on a thorough tour of the anatomy of the ear, with tons of information about each part’s function. You’ll be challenged to identify parts of the ear, and presented with additional info in context to help you learn more. With tons of drag-and-drops, interactions, and fun knowledge checks, you’ll lose yourself in learning more about human hearing.

Articulate Guru Silver Winner Audiometry Refresher Training

Articulate Guru Bronze Winner 

Articulate Guru Bronze Winner

Robot Wars, by Nancy Woinoski

Calling all robots! It’s time for battle. Kick off this trivia game by customizing and naming your robot avatar. Then get ready for game time where you’ll compete against Robbie the Robot in a trivia challenge. This creative and engaging game tests your knowledge while tempting your sense of competition.

Articulate Guru Bronze Winner Robot Wars

 Articulate Guru Honorable Mention Winners

Articulate Guru Honorable Mention Winner

Galactic Games, by Jerson Campos

Check out this suite of games and interactions for inspiration on creating unbelievably engaging learning experiences. You’ll catch yourself thinking, “How did he build that?” Try guiding the Philae lander safely to its target zone or learning exactly how the Rosetta mission worked by dragging the slider timeline.

 Galactic Games E-Learning

Ebola Fatality Rates, by David Tait

This powerful slider-based interaction shows the devastating impact of the Ebola virus on communities throughout Africa and makes it simple to see how Ebola’s impact grew over time. It’s a great illustration of using sliders to help learners explore the relationship between different concepts.

Ebola Fatality Rates E-Learning

Everyday Employee Relations, By Jack Quantrill

You’ll boost your skills giving feedback to employees with this in-depth course. It uses a central character and a great storytelling approach to get learners engaged in the story. And it’s full of fun interactivity that gives learners chances to practice giving feedback to their employees. (There are also some great jokes along the way!)

 Employee Relations E-Learning

The Case of the Fraudulent Pharmacist, By The Training Room

You’ll love exploring the interactive spaces in this beautifully-designed course. Its witty story will grab your attention and the effective use of variables and game mechanics will keep you engaged while you work to solve the mystery.

The Case of the Fraudulent Pharmacist, By The Training Room


Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the 2015 Articulate Guru Awards. The Guru contest inspires so many people to push the limits of their creativity and reach new e-learning heights with Articulate software. And, it inspires us.