Anthropomorphic Characters in E-Learning #113

Anthropomorphism in E-Learning #113: Challenge | Recap

Looking to liven up a boring or stale course?

Here’s an idea: Try something unexpected like flipping the course on its head and using unconventional characters to drive the narrative.

What does that look like? 

One of my favorite examples came from a community discussion by Joe Deegan. Joe was seeking design ideas for a bug bed prevention course. Dozens of users chimed in to share design and storytelling ideas for the course.

The big idea that stood out came from a user who suggested that the course be told from the perspective of the bed bugs.

In other words, what types of conditions and environments would most appeal to bed bugs. Instead of the usual storytelling approach, the big idea was to use anthropomorphic bugs to lead the training.

Anthropo... what?

Anthropomorphism simply means attributing human characteristics to animals (ducks, bears, bugs) and non-living objects (cars, toys, lamps, legal documents ). In addition to movies, anthropomorphic characters can be found in books, advertising, and most importantly, education.


Anthropomorphic Shoes in E-Learning

Here’s a good example from Rachel Craig of how easily a conventional course can be reframed so that a product is the primary character.

The example features a series of anthropomorphic shoes that help train salespeople on how to match shoe models and styles to customers. Each shoe played a role in the course by describing its history, unique design features, and when to choose each model. Pretty cool, right?

Anthropomorphic Shoes in E-Learning

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Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share an e-learning example using one or more anthropomorphic characters.

You’re free to use an existing project or create something new for the challenge. The goal is to show how anthropomorphism can be used as a storytelling device in e-learning.


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