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Here's a course that uses simple PowerPoint animations, clip art, and the resources of Articulate Studio '09 to create a  fun and interesting learning experience. On the launch screen you'll see a unique presenter-panel video in the sidebar that matches the look and feel of the other elements in the course. The video was built with PowerPoint 2010, converted to FLV, and inserted in the presenter panel of the sidebar. Other cool features of the course include:

  • Sync'd animations to go with the audio narration
  • Hyperlinks that allow the learner to choose menu options and interact with the content
  • A multi-level outline in the sidebar
  • A fun "Games and Activities" section which features a pop quiz (built with Articulate Quizmaker), a unique Labeled Graphic (built with Articulate Engage), and a web object that allows learners to play an online game.
  • A section called "Stuff for Teachers" which contains hyperlinked resources and a web object that plays a YouTube video within a TV screen

The content in this course is based on information found on the Energy Kids website,, and