Beyond the Basic Drag-and-Drop Interaction #21

Drag-and-Drop Examples in E-Learning #21: ChallengeRecap

In this week’s blog post, Tom shared great tips for crafting good drag & drop interactions. That post must have ignited a lot of ideas because we were delightfully inundated with drag-and-drop questions this week at Learning Technologies in London.

One of the hot questions was how to create drag-and-drop interactions for non-quizzing activities. Here are a few examples we shared about this at the conference:

Drag-and-drop to reveal

This fun example demonstrates a novel way to use drag-and-drop to reveal hidden objects or messages.

Modeled after a scratch-and-win lottery ticket, this drag-and-drop interaction leans on Storyline’s variables to count the number of times the quarter is dragged over an object.

Scratch and Win Drag Drop

View the drag-and-drop example

Drag-and-drop to complete

Using multiple objects, learners drag objects to complete an optical illusion puzzle. How can this type of game be applied to procedural training?

Drag and Drop Games

View the drag-and-drop example | Download

Drag-and-drop to trigger a response

In this example, learners are asked to drag the microphone to each candidate to hear a response.

Interactive audio drag-and-drop

View the drag-and-drop example

Challenge of the week

This week your challenge is to build a drag-and-drop interaction based on one of the three examples above.

Don’t have time to put an activity together? No problem. Just share some ideas for ways to use drag-and-drop in non-quizzing activities. We’ll pull the ideas together and use them for a future challenge!

Resources and templates

To help you get started, check out these drag-and-drop resources and tutorials:

Blogs and discussions:


Demos & templates:

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About the challenges

The weekly challenges are ongoing opportunities to learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolios. You can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime you want. We’ll feature your work and provide feedback if you request it.

Hope your week is drag-and-drop-tastic, E-Learning Heroes!

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