Quizmaker ‘09 gives you an easy way to specify the finish action of your quiz or survey—in other words, you get to control exactly what happens when a learner gets to the end of your quiz. You can either:

  • Cause the window to close, or
  • Take the learner to the URL of your choice, such as another course, or a website that enhances or complements your quiz content.

You can even specify a different finish action based on whether the learner passes or fails your quiz.

Below are the steps for choosing the quiz’s finish action. NOTE:  The finish action you specify here will only happen if your quiz is standalone. If you’ve added your quiz to a course you’ve built in Presenter, see this tutorial for how to set the finish action for your quiz.

  1. Open your quiz in Quizmaker and click Pass Result or Fail Result.
  2. In the Finish Action part of the window, choose one of the following:
    • Close browser window:  If you choose this option, then when the user finishes the quiz, the browser window will close.
    • Go to URL: If you choose this option, you’ll also be able to enter the URL of the web page you’d like your user to see when they finish your quiz. The quiz itself won’t remain open—instead, the user’s view of your quiz will be replaced by whatever URL you choose. (You can click Test if you’d like to make sure that the URL opens as expected.)
  3. Click Save & Close.
  4. Now follow the same steps for the other result slide (Pass Result or Fail Result).

If your quiz includes a result slide at the end, a Finish button will appear on the result slide, and when the learner clicks it, the finish action you’ve specified will happen.

But what if you opt not to include a result slide? Then the Finish button will instead appear on the feedback pop-up for the final quiz question. Or, if your final question doesn’t include question feedback, there won’t be a Finish button at all—the finish action will just happen immediately after learners submit the answer to the final question.