To create the initial effect, we screen capture the first frame of each video. The screenshot, combined with the Play_button.png will appear as an on-screen video element that plays when clicked.

Step 1: Inserting Screenshots from PowerPoint 2010

If you're working in PowerPoint 2010, you can grab a screenshot from within PowerPoint. That's right. This is a real time-saver for simple screenshots. If you're working in an earlier version, you can use another screenshot program such as SnagIt.

And if you'd like to skip this step, you can use our images in the 10_BranchingVideo folder.

  1. Open raise_car_01.mp4. If the video begins playing, click Stop and rewind to the first frame.
  2. Click Insert > Screenshot > Screen Clipping
  3. Click-drag a selection around the video. PowerPoint automatically captures and pastes the screenshot into your current slide.
  4. Resize the image to 2.5" x 4.44"
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for raise_car_02.flv

Step 2: Apply an Inner Shadow

Here we'll apply a simple inner shadow effect to each image.

  1. Shift-click each image to select both images
  2. click Format > Picture Effects > Shadows > Inner > Insider Center

Step 3: Arrange the Images

Arrange both images so they're centered on the slide.

Step 4: Add the Play Buttons

Remember the Play_button we created earlier? Now's the time to use it.

  1. Click Insert > Picture and navigate to 04_DesignElements folder
  2. Select Play_button.png
  3. Click OK
  4. Press Control and click-drag Play_button.png to duplicate the button
  5. Arrange the buttons so each button is in the center of each screenshot

We now have our start screen set up. Remember, this is the screen learners will first see before clicking either play button. Clicking a button will hyperlink the learner to one of two hidden slides. On each hidden slide, we'll insert a video over one of the screenshots.

Step 5: Duplicate the Slides

Now that our start screen is the way we like it, we can duplicate it. Duplicating the slide ensures our elements remain consistent across all three slides.

  1. Click the Video Demonstration slide
  2. Press Control-D two times to duplicate the slide

What's Next?

Our start screens are now set up. In the next lesson we'll apply hyperlinks to the play buttons, use Slide Properties to hide the slides and customize the branching navigation.