In Articulate Presenter, the term "player" refers to the interface that appears around the perimeter of your slides. In this tutorial we'll look at how to work with the player properties to make the player look and behave the way you want. You can enable and disable all sorts of features which will allow you to build the types of courses you want. 

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice. 

Practice Activity

Here's a folder with some practice files for you to download.

We'll learn about the player properties by enabling, disabling and positioning some of the player tabs, features and controls. Let's start with the practice file to set the player defaults for your course by completing these tasks: 

  • Display the Menu tab in the Sidebar.
  • Disable the display of the Glossary tab.
  • Show the Notes tab in the Sidebar.
  • Show the Resources in the Topbar Right.
  • Change your Title to something like "Introduction to Comstar Real Estate."

Next, let's make some changes to the Menu settings. 

  • Demote slides 2, 4,5, and 6. 
  • Set the menu to start collapsed.
  • Set the Navigation Restriction to Free. 

Now we'll make a resource and some glossary terms available from within your presentation. 

  • Add a resource titled "Search the web" and enter as the URL. 
  • Add a few simple glossary terms along with a short definition of each. 

Let's move on to customize the look of your player by working with the Colors & Effects settings. 

  • Try out a few different color schemes or experiment a little by creating your own custom colors to use in your player. 

Finally, let's explore some of the browser settings and how they affect the display of your content. 

  • Set the Browser size setting to Display at the user's current browser size.
  • Set the Player size to Lock player at optimal size.

As you can see, modifying the player in Presenter is straightforward. Practice making a few modifications so that you're familiar with your options. Then when you need a custom player you'll know where to start.

In our next tutorial we will learn about Presenter's publishing options.