In Quizmaker ‘09, any quiz you build will have some important quiz properties that you can customize. Here we’ll have a look at the properties you can set within Quizmaker:

  1. Open your quiz or survey in Quizmaker and click Quiz Properties.
  2. Click the Quiz Info tab on the left edge of your window, and you'll see a window that looks something like this:
    • You can change the name of your quiz by typing something different for the Quiz title. Whatever you type here will appear in the title bar of your published output when users view your quiz. 
    • You can change the Passing Score by typing a different percentage.
    • You can set or change the Time Limit by clicking the End quiz after box and tweaking the timeframe.
  3. Now click the Question Defaults tab to check out your options:
    • Use the Question Properties to set the default number of points, attempts, and answer-shuffling for any new questions you add to your quiz or survey. The info you enter here will be applied to any new questions you add to your quiz or survey (but not existing questions). Remember, even on new questions that inherit the defaults, you can always customize settings later for individual questions if you want. 
    • Use the Prompt Font field to pick the font used on pop-up messages. The font you choose is used for question feedback pop-ups, as well as any other pop-up messages regarding navigating or completing the quiz, like the message below:
    • For Default Feedback, choose your preferences for whether users will see a pop-up feedback message after they answer a question, and if so, what it should say. If you want the changes to apply to existing questions you've already created, click the Apply To All icon (it looks like a stack of paper) at the upper-right of the text field.
  4. Click the Quality tab to see this window:
    • Choose Optimize for Web delivery if you plan to deploy your quiz or survey over the Web (that is, on the internet or an intranet).
    • Choose Optimize for CD-ROM delivery if you're going to deploy your quiz or survey on CD or some other local source (such as a standalone computer).
    • If you're in the know about the effects of manipulating compression settings, you can choose the Custom option here if you want, and adjust the JPG compression and audio bitrate as you please.
  5. Click OK when you're done.

So that's all there is to quiz properties — unless you plan to add your quiz or survey to a presentation you've created in Articulate Presenter. If that's the case, there are a few more things you need to know. We cover those details in a separate tutorial about customizing quiz properties on quizzes you’ve added to Presenter.

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