Quizmaker ‘09 works great with Articulate Presenter, so if you want to bake your quiz or survey right into your e-learning course or presentation, that’s easy to do. If you’re wondering how to do that, you can check out the tutorial on publishing a quiz to a Presenter project.

When you add a Quizmaker quiz to a Presenter project you’ll have a chance to customize some quiz properties on that embedded quiz. (These properties are in addition to the quiz properties you set within Quizmaker.)

Here’s how to set your preferences on the quiz properties within Presenter:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint.
  2. Open the quiz properties:
    • If your quiz or survey is contained on a placeholder slide, go to that slide and click the Properties area at the bottom.
    • If your quiz or survey is housed within a tab on your player, select Quizmaker Quiz from the Articulate menu. Then click Player Tabs and select the quiz or survey from the window.
  3. The quiz properties are in the bottom half of the window:
    • When user passes... and When user fails... : These are great tools for branching your user to different places, depending on how they do on your quiz. For example, you might want to branch them to some slides with remedial help if they don't pass — or challenge them with additional content if they do pass. You can even direct them to a URL if you want. Some developers also use this feature on the front end of their e-learning course as a kind of pretest or diagnostic tool, to determine which sections of the course the user should complete.
    • Allow user to leave quiz: This determines whether you'll allow users to jump to a different part of your presentation before they've finished the quiz or survey.
    • User may view slides after quiz: This determines whether users can jump ahead in the presentation before they've attempted or passed the quiz.
    • User may attempt quiz: Here you can specify how many times the user can take the quiz, in case they don't pass the first time. If you give them more than one try, and if they don’t pass the first time, they’ll see a Retry button at the end.
  4. When you're done viewing or adjusting the quiz properties, click Close