In Presenter ‘09, one way that e-learning developers often like to leverage the power of the Slide Properties manager is to customize how each slide advances. This is a handy feature, because it lets you give control to the user when you want to, or apply auto-advance behavior when that's more appropriate. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint and click Slide Properties on the Articulate menu.
  2. For any slide, click in the Advance column and use the dropdown to choose the advance behavior:
    • Automatically means that the presentation will move to the next slide on its own, without the user having to click anything. If you've inserted narration or animations on that slide, or if you've embedded a movie, the advance won't happen till these things have finished playing. If your slide doesn't have any audio, animations, or embedded movies, Presenter uses the default slide duration. (We'll look at how to adjust that in a second.)
    • By User means that the user will have to use your presentation's player controls to move to the next slide. Or, if you've inserted objects on your slide that link to other slides, the user can click on one of those to leave the current slide.
  3. Click OK to save your changes.

Change the Behavior of Several Slides at the Same Time

Want to change the advance behavior for multiple slides at once? Shift-click to select multiple consecutive slides, or click the Advance column heading. Then right-click and choose the Advance to next slide setting you want.

Setting the Default Slide Duration for Auto-Advance Slides

If you've chosen for some slides to advance automatically, you should also know a bit about how to control the default slide duration. This is the length of time that your auto-advance slides will display if there's no animation, narration, or embedded movies associated with them.

Here's how to get to that setting and change it if you want:

  1. With your presentation open in PowerPoint, click Presentation Options on the Articulate menu.
  2. Select the Publish tab on the left edge of the window.
  3. The topmost option allows you to specify the number of seconds you want slides to display if they don't have any audio or animation. Type a number and click OK.