Often, there may be language in your course that's new to learners. Adding a glossary is a great way to help them understand new terms. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a glossary of terms and definitions in Articulate Storyline 2.

Watch this video first, then follow the steps below to practice. Download these practice files to follow along.

Practice Activity

In this exercise, you'll create a glossary with a few terms and definitions, then add it as a tab on the course player. 

  1. Open one of the practice files from the Storyline_Files folder.
  2. Go to the Glossary tab in the Player Properties window. 
  3. Add three glossary terms and definitions. You can copy and paste the ones from the Glossary.txt file in your Assets folder or create your own. 
  4. Keep in mind that in order for the Glossary tab to show up in your course, you need to select it in the Player Tabs area on the Features editor. 
  5. Preview the course to see what your glossary looks like. 

In the next tutorial, you'll learn how to customize the player on a slide-by-slide basis.

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