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Being a top-notch e-learning developer means paying attention to the details in your courses. For example, when it comes to navigation, a word or two on a colored rectangle usually suffices as a single button. But sometimes your work calls for a little extra something.

You might want a button that just screams, “Click me! I do something cool!” Other times, you want a particular design element to convey to learners, “Clicking me pauses this video.”

To kickstart your journey to a better button lifestyle, we’ve curated five of our current favorite downloadable sets.

  • Learners won’t be able to help but smile when given the option of pressing these game-inspired buttons by Ridvan Saglam.
  • If you need a sleek, simple button and you need it fast, Montse  Anderson so has you covered with this set.
  • Sometimes subtle design cues are the most stylish. These animated buttons from Joanna Kurpiewska provide just a little movement for a lot of visual impact.
  • Other times, you want to go all out with some flash. That’s what this set by Stephen Brodeur is perfect for. Now, jazz hands!
  • This adorable undersea-themed set comes to life when you interact with the buttons.

There you have it! Five button sets to get your learners clicking through your courses, having fun.

Whatever your needs, there’s probably a button set somewhere in our catalogue of downloads that’ll get you close to fulfilling your vision. Be sure to check it out any time you need buttons or other course assets!

You can also add your own button set download to this E-Learning Challenge. It’s always open for new submissions!


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