Discover Storyline 360 and Save $500 Per Seat

At Articulate, we’re always looking for new ways to make e-learning course development easier. So, we’d like to invite you to try the new features of Storyline 360, as part of a discounted subscription to Articulate 360.

$500 savings on every seat

Current Storyline 3 customers can save $500 per seat on new subscriptions to Articulate 360 through December 15, 2021—including immediate access to continually updated Storyline 360 course authoring software.

Powerful new features

Storyline 360 includes 39 new features not available in Storyline 3, all designed to up your e-learning game. 

  • Create immersive learning experiences with interactive 360° images, make interactions more exciting with random number variables, and use a new jump-to-time trigger to navigate to different points on the timeline.
  • Streamline course development with Content Library 360 templates and characters, plus more than 9 million images, icons, and videos. You can also use team slides, slide numbers, media library, a new triggers panel and workflow, and text-to-speech capabilities to save both time and resources in creating courses.
  • Create custom quizzes with enhanced review and scoring options, the ability to review and retry only incorrect answers, and track multiple completion criteria.
  • Customize courses to meet learners' needs with features including a conditional seekbar, personalized course cover photo, new modern player style, and increased accessibility.
  • Publish in a variety of formats including video and cmi5, and streamline stakeholder reviews with Review 360 integration.

And every Articulate 360 subscription includes full access to Rise 360, Review 360, and Content Library 360, all designed to help you create custom interactive courses that engage and delight learners quickly and easily. 

"Upgraded to @Articulate 360 and I can't wait to create more with it. I've always loved #Storyline, but this is amazing."

—Jenda (@allthingsnosy)

Check out even more reasons to upgrade to Storyline 360 today. Or email us at to subscribe to Articulate 360 at a discount—and take your e-learning to the next level.

This promotion is available to current Storyline 3 customers who buy before December 15, 2021.


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