Common E-Learning Interactions: Drag-and-Drop in E-Learning (2018) #202

Drag-and-Drop Interactions in E-Learning #201: ChallengeRecap

Drag-and-drop interactions are a fantastic way to compel learners to lean forward and interact with the course content. They’re one of the most versatile and engaging interactions because they can be used many different ways. Some common use cases include:

  • Sorting activities where users drag and drop facts into different categories
  • Practicing real-world skills by placing objects into certain positions
  • Process activities that require learners to drag and drop steps into their correct order
  • Navigation activities where users drag and drop objects to navigate from one slide to another

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to build and share a fresh drag-and-drop e-learning interaction. Drag and drops are always some of the most popular examples and downloads. Feel free to include your source file if you’re able to share.

New Entries Only!

For this week’s challenge, we’re asking you only share new examples. You're welcome to rework an earlier example or come up with something entirely different.

Share Your E-Learning Work

  • Comments: Use the comments section below to share a link to your published example and blog post.
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  • Twitter: If you share your demos on Twitter, try using #ELHChallenge so your tweeps can track your e-learning coolness.

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you drop some sweet new interactions, check out the subtle animation effects your fellow course designers shared in last week’s challenge

Using Animation in E-Learning

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Wishing you a drag and droptastic week, E-Learning Heroes!

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Jodi Sansone

NYC Pet Adoption Tango: Drag/Drop: Download: I started working with these visuals during ELC #201 just to play with animations (thank you Nancy Woinoski for your hover effect ) and practice on being more consistent with my visual look through out a project. This story is based on something I saw in the NYC Union Square Farmers Market. I walked by a pet adoption area where people were choosing cats and dogs --and a violinist right next to them was playing tango music. I promise to find some non-pet material next time! I've been trying out the modern player--I'm not 100% crazy about it yet because my slides get cut off on my phone (Samsung) and I like the lightbox effect in the classic player. If you just want to go t... Expand

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