E-Learning ABCs is an always-growing glossary of keywords, concepts, and themes related to e-learning, all in one place. Course creators can easily reference commonly used terms, make sense of buzzwords, and decipher acronyms.

It’s a great place for e-learning newbies to get up to speed on the most commonly used industry terms in a digestible way. Bookmark the E-Learning ABCs glossary in your browser and revisit often to continually grow your e-learning know-how.

E-Learning ABCs is a go-to resource for when course developers of all skill levels need a quick refresher on infrequently used terms and want to stay up to date on new terms.

We’re excited for course creators to add another E-Learning Heroes resource to their toolkit and share with their colleagues and learners. Head on over to the E-Learning ABCs glossary, and if you’d like to recommend additions to E-Learning ABCs, come back and drop them in the comments below.

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