Hey Gang! Just wanted to make sure you got a chance to check out the really cool portfolio template Paul Alders shared in this week's e-learning challenge.  

Whether you're looking for a new way to present your e-learning projects or simply want to peek under the hood of a custom Storyline project, this is one template you’ll want in your toolkit.

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Source file: Download

There’s a lot going on in this template, so I thought I’d point out a few things you’ll want to customize.

Updating the Profile Image

Unless you're Paul's twin brother or sister, chances are you'll want to update the profile image. No problem. Jump into the slide master, right-click the profile image and replace it with your own photo. There are several slide layouts so you'll need to repeat the process for each layout.

Changing the Icons

Customizing the icons is just as easy. You can access the icons from the slide master. Select each icon and click Edit States to replace the icons with your own graphics.

Customizing the Contact Form

The contact form is a nice touch. The name field is pre-populated with a placeholder email address.

To use your own contact info, you’ll need to modify one of the project variables. Don’t worry if you’ve never used variables before, this step is really easy.

Click the project variables icon at the bottom of the triggers panel. Double-click the email variable and add our own email to the value field.

Have Fun!

There's a lot more you can customize in this template. If you run into any stucks or issues, post a comment in the forums or send Paul a note.

You can learn more about Paul and the creative e-learning he creates over at his website. You can also  Paul on Twitter where he shares e-learning tips and free templates.

Post written by David Anderson