How Are Course Designers Using Educational Animations?

E-Learning Challenge #76: Challenge | Recap

Educational animations are an effective way to create focal points, illustrate complex procedures, and help learners visualize change. Combined with controls like interactive sliders, learners can pause, replay, and control playback speed and direction to assist learning and comprehension.

If something moves, it gets noticed. And that’s what this week’s challenge is all about.

Tour de France 2011: An Interactive Guide

Good example of looping animations to illustrate team tactics and wind effects in professional cycling.

Tour de France 2011: An Interactive Guide

Tour de France 2011: An Interactive Guide (Requires Flash Player)

A Wee Bit of Scotland in Wisconsin

In this animation example, a draggable slider gives learners control over animation aspects such as playback speed and direction.

A Wee Bit of Scotland in Wisconsin

A wee bit of Scotland in Wisconsin (Requires Flash Player)

Challenge of the Week

This week your challenge is to share one or more practical examples of educational animations.  


Storyline 2 Tutorials

General animation resources

Last Week’s Challenge:

Practice Your Punctuation and Grammar

E-Learning Challenge #75: Challenge | Recap

Wishing you a great week, E-Learning Heroes!

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Dianne Hope

What a great idea to do a recap of your work Nick - fantastic job. I really like your proof of concept Charles - I'm just starting to use sliders and it seems there's a lot you can do with this feature if you have the imagination. Thanks for sharing. This is quite an unusual situation to be 2 days into a challenge and have only a couple of entries so far. I was kind of waiting to see what others came up with. Anyway, here's my attempt at an interactive animation. I came across the definition of animation being - "the process of displaying still images in a rapid sequence to create the illusion of movement". At a stretch I think mine qualifies! Some of the resources I was admiring before jumping into this challenge are on the Portfolio page of Fusion Spark Media: http://new.fu... Expand

Jerson  Campos
Joanna Kurpiewska
Calvin Lo
Ian Monk
Lu Post
Jeff Kortenbosch
Jay Boyd

I'm impressed and humbled by all the superb work I'm seeing from you folks!! My contribution may be a little off-target, as it's a product design research results presentation from a couple years ago, where I was 'educating' a client on what was already out on the market, and explaining basic mechanics to someone who is not an engineer or designer. It's also my first crack at bringing a static Powerpoint into Articulate and then animating elements of it. My research may seem woefully incomplete and disjointed, since I've only included slides that are relevant to this challenge, and because some slides would give away details of the project which is still awaiting patent protecti... Expand