A Year

One year ago, we tried something new by posting the first e-learning challenge, which was about showing meaningful comparisons in e-learning. Three people shared demos that week and I considered it an immediate success. If three people shared for a year, we’d have 36 examples to inspire and educate other users.

Today, 48 challenges later, you and your fellow community members have shared over 750 e-learning demos, examples, and ideas. That’s more than twenty times what I imagined!

I want to thank each and every one of you for sharing examples, source files, ideas, and time for a great first year of challenges. I can’t get over how generous our community is, and I feel like the luckiest guy on earth to be part of it.

E-Learning Superlatives

To celebrate this challenge milestone, you’re now an honorary member of the E-Learning Challenge Yearbook Committee. That means you’re in charge of recognizing your fellow classmates course designers and the demos shared over the past year.

It’s your chance to add a memory or two to the challenge yearbook. Nominate a fellow student designer for a superlative, just like we did in school. Below are some superlatives to get you started. Pull from the list or create your own.

Suggestions for superlatives:

  • Best Use of Humor
  • Most Likely to Post the First Challenge Demo
  • Best Freelance Gig Resulting from a Challenge
  • Most Recognizable Design Style
  • Best Use of an Appendage in a Demo
  • Most Likely to Share Their Source File
  • Most Appealing Narration Voice
  • Most Likely to Avoid the Next Button

You can add your e-learning superlatives in the comments below, or mock up your own photo to add to the yearbook. I’ll kick things off with a superlative I think we’ll all agree on:

Most Likely to Complete Every Challenge

Jackie Van Nice joined the challenges five months ago and completed her 48th challenge this week. That’s an accomplishment that deserves some recognition. You can view all of Jackie's challenge demos on her website. Way to go, Jackie!

Okay, it’s your turn. Whether you shared a demo or simply gleaned some inspiration from a demo, please take this week to recognize each other for the creative and generous ideas they shared over the past year.

About the challenges

Challenge enrollments are always open. If you skipped a challenge or had to drop out for personal reasons, don’t worry! You can always make it up for full credit.

To get credit for a challenge, complete a challenge and post a link to your demo in the challenge comments.

Stay cool E-Learning Heroes and don’t party work too hard! See you next year week!

Jackie Van Nice
Daniel Sweigert

Sorry I'm so late to the table on this one. Nick, Thanks so much for your kind words and nomination. It's funny, because I was trying to remember who did that incredible Virtual Tour submission using the elevator to take learners to different floors/departments of a company and that was yours! So my nomination for Best Virtual Tour goes to Nick Russell. Check out his virtual tour here: http://benchmarkenglish.net/myworld/story.html Jackie definitely gets my vote for Most Dedicated to David's e-learning challenges, not only having completed nearly 50 of them at this point, but also producing such creative work at a high level of quality. Here's a link to her incredible portfolio: http://www.jackievannice.com/?page_id=175061258 Another submission I remember clearly was Darlesa Cahoon'... Expand