Articulate 360 illustration

We’re excited to introduce new features in Articulate 360 that make it even easier to create immersive, engaging online training that meets the needs of all learners. 

Storyline 360 

We’ve added multiple Storyline 360 features designed to make your courses more engaging, inclusive, and accessible—and your job as a course creator even easier.

New options for exploration and customization 

Transport employees anywhere with panoramic 360° images. Add interactive video, audio, and text to your 360° images to let them explore realistic environments. Then add an eye-catching image to your start page to set the tone for your course.   

More accessibility for more learners 

Storyline 360’s modern player now exceeds WCAG Level AA accessibility guidelines for visual contrast and color, making it easier for all learners to navigate content, icons, and controls. You can also magnify closed caption text by up to 200%, or boost visibility with a two-color focus indicator. 

Review 360

To streamline version management and keep collaborators in the loop, Review 360 now lets you view, hide, or restore previous versions of any file, and manually upload updated Storyline 360 courses and videos. 

Articulate 360 Teams

To help keep the lines of communication open, we’ve added controls that make it easier to flag and resend bounced Articulate 360 invitations.

Content Library 360

We’ve expanded your character options with Maya (in classic blue scrubs), Jamal (in business casual), and three more new, modern, illustrated Black characters. And check out the Essence template, the newest addition to our trove of more than 12 million course assets. Stylish layouts, clear and compelling infographics, and rich colors set against a muted background make it a great option for your next course.

Articulate 360 Desktop App

We’ve made it easier and more secure to log in with browser-based sign in to Articulate 360.

To stay up to date on what’s new and what’s in the works, keep an eye on the Articulate 360 feature roadmap. Or if you haven’t already subscribed to Articulate 360, start your free 30-day trial now.